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In our long history of helping people and businesses, we’ve accumulated a many wins; when it comes to a legal battle who do you want in your corner? A lawyer or a builder?

I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious. Vince Lombardi

Do you know you could win your case without going to court?

The key is knowing the court process is amazingly simple!

I've been a case-winning Lawyer 21 years.

I work to a process that is amazingly simple!

There is one good question that might well be asked of any lawyer, whether a Claimant’s or Defence counsel: “when you take on a case, do you give a thought to how you’re going to win?”

Probably not! We are not like most lawyers, who have some vague concept of “trying the case” – someday; or some equally ill-defined notion that it “may settle” – eventually. How often have you heard legal practitioners say that they are “waiting for the case to come to trial or “hoping for a settlement,” as though “waiting” and “hoping” were the roads to success! They’re not.

Our Chambers and services are about winning cases – your cases, whether they involve a contract dispute, debt claim, employment or property. It’s about winning your case in one-half the time it will take for the case to come to trial.
You can win your case without a trial.
Every court case, civil or criminal, is won or lost by proving or disproving what we lawyers call the "essential fact elements" of the case.

There are rarely more than 3 or 4 "essential fact elements".

If we are defending you, we should win by proving at least one of those "essential fact elements" is missing.

If you are suing someone else, you win by proving that all "essential fact elements" are present.
For example, to win a case for breach of contract, you only need to prove sufficient facts to show:

  • There was an enforceable contract
  • defendant breached the contract, and
  • defendant's breach caused you to lose money.
You win by proving or disproving essential fact elements!
We know how to identify those essential fact elements and how to prove or disprove them step-by-step using my simplified method, forms and in-depth examples so you can win in spite of the other-side not playing fair or being crooked.

A high percentage of people who need a lawyer cannot afford one. Most of them lose in court ... needlessly!

We know how to win with a step-by-step method, simplified procedures, and legal references.

Affordable, professional legal services for litigants who can't afford a lawyer and those who aren't sure they can get competent representation from a lawyer they are paying.

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