Public Access
The public access barrister scheme provides the flexibility of fixed fee representation when you need it

Since changes to regulation were enacted, members of the public have been able to approach barristers without the need for a solicitor. A barrister is a specialist legal adviser who usually accepts referrals from a solicitor (similar to the way a consultant accepts referrals from a doctor).

At Three Lions Chambers, we have access to a nationwide family of Barristers and or Lawyers that can provide you with expert representation at an affordable price.

Our fixed fees give you the certainty needed when making or responding to applications in court. There won't be any hidden charges for phone calls or letters, we offer a fixed package for the work that you require, when you need it.

Our experts have represented many individuals across England and Wales and are regulated by the Bar Standards Board. All barristers are fully qualified public access barristers and having successfully completed the Bar Standards Board training.
Contact us today and get the one thing you need, good legal advice.
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