Financial Problems & Debt
Do you have a debt that may become a legal issue?

Is your creditor or a third party debt collector or debt buyer looking to enforce repayment of a debt?

Are you being sent demand letters or receiving multiple telephone calls demanding payment?

There could be legal issues on which you would be well advised to seek advice. Three Lions Chambers Financial and Debt team can help you with disputed debt claim issues, our team can advise you on where you stand, how to go about checking your legal rights relating to debts claims and if you owe the money being demanded.
Why should I choose a barrister?

Barristers are experts in the law. They are best placed to advise you on your legal position, draft legal documents, and check if the financial institution documentation is compliant with the law.

If defending a debt claim involves going to court, your barrister is the best type of lawyer to advise you on the court procedure or your chances of success. The case may be heard in the County Court or the High Court, depending on how much is being demand and disputed.

Your lawyer will also know how best to resist payment, since he or she will have much experience of the legal issues associated with debt recovery claims.
Why should I choose a barrister?

  • Creditor and third party harassment
  • The nature of the agreement
  • The parties to the agreement
  • Enforceability of the agreement
  • Variation of the agreement
  • The goods, services, land etc to which the agreement relates
  • The cash price of each item and the total cash price
  • Any advance payment or deposit
  • The amount of credit i.e. the total cash price minus the advance payment
  • The credit limit for running account credit
  • The duration of the agreement
  • The total charge for credit together with a list of its constituent parts
  • The rate of interest under the agreement
  • A statement explaining how and when interest charges are calculated and applied
  • The timing, frequency and number of the repayments
  • The amount of each repayment
  • The APR and 'variable' if applicable
  • A statement that the agreement is not cancellable if this is the case
  • Examples of early settlement figure for (a) a quarter of the term, (b) half the term and (c) three quarters of the term
  • Cancellation rights
  • Statement regarding missing payments
  • Termination rights, as appropriate
  • Repossession rights
  • Consumer rights information, e.g. settlement, unsatisfactory goods
  • Information regarding enforcement of the agreement
  • Credit information reporting
And much more, why pay a debt, if by law; you don’t have to?

Quotes on Law in Our Society

At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst. — Aristotle