Do you qualify to write off up to 75%* of your debts?

This website could help 1000's of people to find out if they qualify for help to resolve their claims in debt.

Families Have Too Much Debt: Bank Of England's Mark Carney Warns As He Prepares For Interest Rate Rise

Families Have Too Much Debt: Bank Of England's Mark Carney Warns As He Prepares For Interest Rate Rise

Families Have Too Much Debt: Bank Of England's Mark Carney Warns As He Prepares For Interest Rate Rise

The Advice Promise: Legal advice the way it should be

Completely free consultations

If you are struggling with a claim in debt the last thing you want to be doing is paying a lawyer and hourly rate. Thats why talking to us won't cost you a penny.

No obligation to continue

We will establish your rights and abilities as to any matter of fact or in law and make suggestions on how to proceed.

Compare all of your options

For most people struggling with claims in debt there will a number of different options available for resolving the issues. We look at all consumer protection laws.

Professional but friendly

Resolving claims in debt is a serious business but it doesnt have to be stuffy and formal. Our legal support team understand their responsibilities.

As much time as you need

Deciding on what route to take in order to resolve your claims in debt requires serious consideration. Any member of our legal support team will never rush that process.

Never judge

Our focus is to help you to resolve your claims in debt with a legal solution. We understand that debt problems can creep up on you and they are often oustside of your control.

How It Works: Three easy steps towards resolving your Claims In Debt.

Step One: Legal advice consultation.

The legal support team will discuss the matter with you and get an idea of your unique situation during a completely free, no obligation consultation.

Step Two: Identify and explain

Our legal support team will then find out what legal solutions there may be to your claims in debt. They will fully explain each option and how it could help you.

Step Three: You decide

Now it's over to you. You will know which options are available and which ones are the best for you. Then you take as much time as you need to decide where to go from there. If you would like us to help you reslove any claims in debt issues we will be more than happy to do so upon your instructions.

Let us deal with your creditors and debt collectors for you!

We understand what its like to be dealing with debt without a legal solution

Not missing payments but worried.

When too much of your income is going out on debt repayments it usually means it's time to have a think about a change or two.

Solution: Rule number one, don't panic. There are often numerous options worth exploring. Take 5 minutes to chat with an expert and find out what help is available. It may turn out that you only need a little help and no big changes or decisions are necessary.

My current plan isn't working.

It is not uncommon for a Debt Plan that originally worked, to no longer effective

Solution: There are normally many different ways to resolve a claim in debt. The trick is finding the perfect one. Everyones situation is unique and changes over time. Why not have a no obligation chat with us and find out if there is a better legal solution to any debt claim made against you.

I have missed repayments.

Missing debt repayments is a fairly clear sign that you need a plan to take back control of your finances.

Solution: Every year tens of thousands of people throughout the UK miss repayments. The good news is that there are often a number of different options that can help you to get things back under control. We can help you to find your perfect legal solution.

I can't borrow anymore money.

If you have missed payments or have a large amount of debt oustanding then it may be very difficult to consolidate with a large loan.

Solution: If you are unable to get a loan to consolidate your outstanding debt then it may be time to look at non borrowing options. There is a legal solution that could consolidate your debts into one payment that fits into your household budget.

The debt isn't going down.

It sounds like most of your monthly repayments are going towards interest or other charges.

Solution: Just becasue you are keeping up with monthly repayments, doesn't mean your finances are in good shape. Paying the minimum repayments can mean decades in debt. There are legal options where you can freeze the interest and charges, allowing you to begin clearing the debt.

I need credit to survive every month.

When a debt gets to a certain size it is very common for people to start using credit to live on because their income goes on repayments.

Solution: We recognise this is a scary position to be in. It can mean having to make big cut backs in day to day living and it is likely that at some point in the future you are going to run out of credit. Don't panic! We can get things back under control and help you with a legal solution to sort out your claims in debt and live as you would want.

Impartial Legal Advice

* In some cases and with some creditors and or debt collectors up to 75% of the claim in debt can be written off or substantially reduced. The amount written off or substantially reduced will depend on your circumstances, income, assets and the current write-off policy of the creditor and or debt collector. Levels between 25% and up to 75% are realistic, depending on your ability to repay.